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About Us

Shevet accessibility is a result of years of work and efforts by C4U Technologies to make computer services and technologies accessible to the deaf and deaf blind community.

C4U Technologies
was established in 2003 by Mr Shay N. , For the supply of computer equipment and services to factories, companies, offices, and private customers.

In 2005 C4U also began to provide website construction and hosting services to a variety of customers.

In 2006, we became acquainted with the subject of hearing and vision disabilities and the great need for accessibility. We began volunteering and providing computer services to visually impaired and hearing impaired clients. Including communications solutions for sending and receiving SMS (Short Text Messages) in Braille before the iPhone and Android era (Via a private programmed interface for web sms using a 3G router).

We provide accessibility services for businesses and websites for the deaf and mainly deaf that are visually impaired , while adapting and assimilating unique and original methods and solutions.

We also provide translation into sign language and transcription to a variety of welfare government services and institutions , private companies and individuals .

We support and present a model of success in employing people with disabilities in the workplace.

In 2018 we began to market solutions and products in an official manner under the Shevet brand. Braille displays, visual and technological systems to enlarge, visual aid gadgets and devices and more.

We have extensive experience in locating and developing solutions for the deaf and deaf blind community. Our advantage stems from the deep connections and personal familiarity with the needs of the population, the direct use of sign language without the need for another translator, and the unique experience in software and programming solutions for the target audience. According to their needs and ability, especially in light of the many and varied challenges of the deaf and the deaf blind or visually impaired. We do this with personal attention and patience, accompanied by consultation, our service is based on professional guidance and clear communication with the client, with a service oriented approach. Our Vision is that the hearing\deaf\blind, should be granted full access and fair and equal communication while enhancing the available measures and informing the general public about the needs of those with challenges to allow the maintaining mutual communication between all the people hearing or deaf or blind with the general public.

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